About Us

Gaming Novels is a website created by writers and founders of My Games Lounge.com who are currently working on a number of novels, all inspired by a love of gaming.

Video games have taken writing down some unusual and unique paths based on wonderful narratives and script writing as the entertainment medium as evolved. Themes and universes within these games have become vast and rich with history that can inspire literature, or even be accompanied by official literature, such as the Halo and Assassin’s Creed Novels.

Our works (will) include:

  • Gaming Novels Originals – These are Novels or short stories written by our authors written for our audience on the website and will be available to download or print individually or as collections via Amazon.
  • Official Game Novels* – At present this is an aim more than current workings, but our authors are passionate about gaming and would relish the chance to write an official novel to accompany a game.Should you be a games developer or publisher large or a small indiependent company, please Contact Us About Writing A Novel In Your Game’s Universe
  • Our Writers Personal Novels – These are full length novels or collections of short stories influenced in some way by games or gaming themes and may be part of a series of novels.

We are very dedicated to our work and love any suggestions or requests you may please contact us via:

Email: GamingNovels@gmail.com

Twitter: @GamingNovels

Facebook: Gaming Novels Page